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Product Warranty


If you need detail information about our products electrical characteristics, mechanical characteristics, packaging configuration, absolute ratings and I-V Curves and dimension, please e-mail :, and one of our customer representatives will contact you shortly. We can also recommend and give information about necessary balance of system products for you to successfully complicate your solar system installation.

Wotechsolar are certified with CE, RINA, TUV, UL, MCS and the Australian CEC List and so on.

Our ISO, UL, TUV, CE, IEC, ICM certified modules proof of our international standards for product safety, durability and overall quality.
If you have any technical questions, technical incident and reclamation inquiry, please enter provided user name and password to fill out On-line Reclamation form. Our technical service representatives will contact you shortly. If our on-line reclamation form does not work for website technical reasons, please e-mail to:

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