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Double-glass solar modules For Promoting

Wotech solar has developed a high-performance double glass solar module, which comes with tempered glass to achieve the thinnest in the world, 2.5mm thickness. Double-glass modulerefers to the composite layer, composed by two tempered glass intermediatecompound with solar cells Cell brought together by wire serial / parallel integral member of the lead end. 


 Double-glass module which independently developed by Wotech Solar itself, has impact safety performance than ordinary photovoltaic modules, and the impact of architectural glass, anti-crushing safety performance can be directly in the building. It could be used as a non-load-bearing walls or load-bearing roof. Double-glass module comes with the increasing of the light transmission properties, and can play the dual role of decoration and shade, and specifications of size, appearance and shape can be customized according to requirements, ití»s a tailor-made for the construction of BIPV building diversity and artistry PV curtain wall.


Double-glass module of Wotech solar has the applicability of buildings, which can be used for the windows outside the building; glass curtain wall; tilt assembly windows, all kinds of ceiling (with skylights, skylight); sightseeing elevator maintenance; balcony platform steeplechase; public building entrances, and lobby.

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