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Wotech Solar Group will soon begin selling residential solar panels in its stores in the Xinjiang Province, as per recent reports.
The solar panels will at first only be offered in Xinjing Province ¡ª but availability will then be expanded to encompass to the Ganshu Province as well, within a month. After that, the partnership will be rolled out

in a number of other provinces ¡ª Shanxi and Neimenggu, followed by roll-out in ten other province within the near-future.

The starting price for the panels,  will be RMB7500 ¡ª with an average installation price for a 2.5kW system being about RMB 37500. Reportedly, though, ¡°Wotech solar " members will receive a 15% discount ¡ª

so that lessens the cost somewhat.

According to the figures out here by Wotech Solar , installing one of the solar systems can save the typical customer  about RMB 250 a year on energy bills. Which amounts to a 10.5% return on investment within

only the first year.

Owing to the relatively large percentage of citizens there who have an awareness of the cost-savings potential of home solar systems, the new partnership is likely to be something of a success in the some Province.

No doubt, this is one of the reasons for Wotech  starting the roll-out in that market, as well as the fact that Xinjing Province has relatively high electricity prices.

As far as that goes, the Wotech Solar  CEO, Yu JUN, commented: ¡°Residential solar panels are one of the best ways to reduce electricity bills and can provide significant annual savings.¡±

No question about that. If I owned my own house, I would have bought solar myself years ago. With such home solar systems becoming mainstream enough for Wotech solar  to carry them, things are looking rather

rosy for the industry.

Wotech Solar  has a wonderful history of using and now offering solar power. It is probably the leader in the world of big corporations for how much renewable energy it uses relative to its total electricity usage. It

has also been a leader in the  sale of electric bikes and LEDs, It intends to produce enough renewable energy to meet 100% of its energy needs by 2020.

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