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Wotech Solar to Expand into Bangladesh Market

Wotech Solar announced that Wotech solar module has been positioned as one top brand for Bangladesh market. It has supplied over 130MW since 2013 with market share over 20% in 2014 year.

Wotech solar has entering into Bangladesh market since 2013 year and with short two years it has been growing as a leader brand and recognized by some investors and contractors. Further to Wotech solar's strategy 

that its Bangladesh 200MW solar cell and module facility will be operated from May 2015 which launched for U.S and European market.

Bangladesh is regarded as one fast emerging solar market where Wotech solar is towarding fastly. it demonstrates Wotech Solar 's strategy and experienced history from trandition EU solar market. Wotech Solar  is 

persuing in some other coutries in 2015 including South America,Japan and some Asian coutries.

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