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RES Group Completes its First Solar Park in the UK

RES has started 2015 by celebrating the completion of its first solar farm in the UK. Four Burrows Solar Farm near Truro, Cornwall, became fully operational on Monday 12 January following a six month construction period with EPC contractor Oskomera, culminating in the successful commissioning of the project.

The new solar farm occupies some 14 hectares (34 acres) and will generate sufficient clean, green electricity to meet the average annual needs of more than 1,300 homes.

Commenting on the successful completion of the project, RES' Head of UK Solar Tom Fewster says: "Four Burrows Solar Farm is a significant achievement for RES. Not only is this our first solar farm in the UK, it is also the first location where we have successfully combined onshore wind and solar technologies to create a 'Renewables Hub'."

Tom explains: "As a responsible developer, RES is constantly seeking ways to maximise renewable energy generation while minimising impacts on the environment and communities hosting our projects. Where it proves practical, co-locating renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar ĘC and in the near future, energy storage facilities ĘC on a single site makes a lot of sense. It maximises the use of land earmarked for energy generation and can deliver cost and environmental benefits by sharing aspects such as access tracks and grid connections."

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