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Belectric to Build PV Plants Totaling 77.4MW in Turkey
Belectric KULOĞLU G¨ıNEŞ ELEKTRİK SANTRALLARI TEKNOLOJİSİ A.Ş. has tendered successfully the single ground-mounted solar power project with an AC connection capacity of 45MW. Together 

with this one, three projects developed by Belectric KULOĞLU did win in the recent tenders with a combined AC connection capacity of 77.4MW.

"We are proud of winning the pre-license for the single largest pv solar power plant of 45MW in Turkey. With our focused strategy working with few selected partners, we strengthened our proven market leadership 

in project development and pre-licensing awarded in this First Licensing Round. Together with leading Groups and Families in Turkey, G¨ıN G¨ıNEŞ ENERJİSİ ELEKTRİK ¨ıRETİM SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. and 

RA G¨ıNEŞ ENERJİSİ ELEKTRİK ¨ıRETİM SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. as the partners of CLIMAGY KULOĞLU G¨ıNEŞ ELEKTRİK SANTRAL YATIRIMLARI A.Ş., we achieved these tender results by 

committing 325.000 USD contribution fee per MW less than committed in overall average by the other Top 5 ranked participants", said Cenap Kuloğlu, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Belectric KULOĞLU.

"We are looking forward to implement our latest solar power plant products with grid stabilizing technology in Turkey within the system integration works for these projects. In combination with our proven O&M 

expertise, we are capable to supply reliable solar power to the Turkish electrical grid and therefore protecting it from instabilities. The next potential step in this direction is the application of BELECTRICĦäs Energy 

Buffer Units (EBU), providing the most important ancillary service for grid operation: Primary Frequency Response." said Bernhard Beck, Executive Chairman of Belectric.
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