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Wotechsolar unveils new high-power module

Wotech solar haspresented a new high-power module that generates yields of around ten percenthigher than those produced by conventional PV modules. Since being acquired bythe 4 Winsolar company  in the secondseason of this year, Wotech solar has reopened its production plant in Malayisaunder German management and has now released its Polycrystalline 300 watthigh-power module.

¡°We have improved ourmodule and cell technology even more and brought together our best componentsto create the new Wotechsolar high-power PV module. For example, we havesuccessfully integrated a cell connector capable of reflecting light in such away that a higher proportion reaches each cell. In doing so, we have been ableto solve a technical problem that many manufacturers are currently striving toovercome and have used this solution to boost our module¡¯s performance,¡± stateskevin LI, Managing Director of Wotechsolar solar . The qualified mechanicalengineer previously held the position of CTO at Wotechsolar solar , beforewhich he had set up plants for a number of other companies. He , have been atthe helm of Wotechsolar solar since May 2014. ¡°Before being taken over, we onlybought our cells from Yingli. However, joining forces has enabled us to developcells and products together, which is excellent news for us and the quality ofour modules. The collaboration has also resulted in Wotechsolar being able tocover the entire production chain.¡±

Thanks to its combinationof carefully selected components and state-of-the art solar cells, the 300 wattmodule has an efficiency value of more than 18.3 percent. In addition to thecell connectors, anti-reflection coated front glass and a highly transparentEVA film enable more light to reach the cells. The module also reactsespecially well to weak light conditions, producing only approximately twopercent less power when exposed to diffuse light and during the morning andevening as it does in full sunshine. In Germany, around 60 percent of theannual amount of irradiation is classified as weak light.

¡°When taken together, allthe characteristics of the module result in it generating roughly 20 percentmore power over the same surface area than a standard 250 watt module. Thismeans that to fit a system with the same level of output on a roof, installersmust, for example, only install ten modules instead of twelve, saving both timeand money,¡± explains kevin Li at Wotechsolar solar.

The Wotechsolarproduction plant in Malaysia has been manufacturing modules again since the endof May and currently has a production capacity of 120 megawatts (MW). Wotechsolarsolar  employs around 190 members ofstaff in sales and production.

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