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Wotechsolar solar and Able solar energy are opening up the solar market in Pakistan

"Power cuts are adaily occurrence in Pakistan, even in major cities ĘC and both industry andprivate homes are suffering as a result. The country has a population of around200 million and is one of the up-and-coming emerging markets in Asia, but thedemand for energy cannot be met. The energy requirements currently total 27gigawatts, while only 15 gigawatts of electricity are actually produced. Thesituation has been getting worse for many years", reports ,ManagingDirector at Able solar energy. "We therefore want to provide homes andcompanies with solar storage systems as a quick and independent power supply.We have selected high-quality German brand products for this task." Ablesolar energy has combined these products to create systems, which can withstandthe extreme weather conditions in Pakistan with up to 45 degrees. "Wechose Wotechsolar as our exclusive solar module supplier and partner due to thehigh-quality, high-performance modules supplied by the company. The highquality of the components, together with the service from Able solar energy,ensure that the systems continue to deliver optimal performance for years tocome", continues kevin.

The 18 solar powersystems with a total output of around 100 kilowatt peak will be installed from junethis year in Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan, on the border withnorthern India. Wotechsolar modules type WT260W and Wotechsolarhigh-performance modules WT Poly 260w solar module  will be used, which achieve an efficiency ofaround 18 percent. The high efficiency and the extremely stable high energyyields are achieved through the combination of selected components and solarcells with the latest technology. Able solar energyTree builds the systemscomplete with battery storage to help the homes achieve independence from powercuts and the availability of diesel. The solar storage systems have a capacityof 5 to 10 kilowatt hours.

"Able solar energyis a remarkable company, that truly wants to help find a sustainable solutionto the energy hunger in Pakistan. The current solar projects are just thebeginning. Together, we are aiming to provide many more people withenvironmentally friendly energy in the area", explains kevin, ManagingDirector at Wotechsolar solar . "The energy consumption in Pakistan isincreasing constantly and is predicted to reach 35 gigawatts by 2018. The manyof hours of sunshine and the favorable irradiation angle make Pakistan perfectfor using solar power."

the electricityregulatory authority in Pakistan, has recently begun promoting the feed-in ofsolar power from large plants. In the north of the country, every kilowatt hourfed in will be reimbursed with around 22 Pakistani Rupees for 10 years, whichcorresponds to around 15 Cent. After this time, system operators will receive 9Rupees (6 Cent) for 15 years. In the south, the feed-in tariff will be 21Rupees (14.6 Cent), followed by 8.7 Rupees (6 Cent) per kilowatt hour. Afeed-in tariff has also already been decided on for private homes and thefigures will be announced over the next few weeks.

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