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Contact person: Mr Achim Bickel
Contact telephone number:49-5101854341
Contact Fax:49-5101854341
Zip code:
we want more information for solar system 2kw, 3kw, 1kw, we need the solar system with panels and grid inverter for connection to family house, no batteries, it must work only daily, not in the light, what is your best price for 2kw, and 5kw, with a good price, we order many sets, thanks for your quickly answer, sunny greetings, achim bicke
Company name:solar maximal
Company address:germany
Contact person:Mr ttorben jensen
Contact telephone number:45-31104389
Contact Fax:45-31104389
Zip code:
Dear Poly 245w with 30v, in our hamburg warehouse Poly 250w with 30v, in our hamburg warehouse Silver mono 195w with 36v, in our hamburg warehouse Silver mono 285w with 36v, in our Rotterdam warehouse Black mono 190w with 36v, in our Rotterdam warehouse what are the price for them ? looks forwar to hear from you, best regards, Borben
Company name:solarpower A/s
Company address:denmark slagelse
Theme:solar module
Contact person:Maranne
Contact telephone number:68700-281556
Contact Fax:68700-281556
Zip code:
hi please can you quote your best price for 150w mono solar panel and need our price list of products and specification for each mono solar panel thanks a lot
Company name:Clim Auto Sarl
Company address:MS, Marianne kassiam
Contact person:paul bondt
Contact telephone number:32-52478229
Contact Fax:32-52478229
Zip code:
hello could you give me price Fob indication for your solar panel, i would like to have monocrystalline with size of 1650*990*45mm, if possible, 250w, or higer, i need 150 pieces thanks and regards
Company name: Reizen landtsheer
Company address:Belgium
Theme:Panneau solaire
Contact person:Frederick
Contact telephone number:33-611446546
Contact Fax:33-611446546
Zip code:
we are a french importer for solar PV. we are looking for new suppliers, best quality and prices, please send us your catalgoue for pv module, monocrytalline, tracker, and roof intergration, please send details, power, size, efficiance and pictures, please reply quickly. have a nice day ,
Company name:Artefact
Company address:France metropolitan
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