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Theme: Panneau solaire
Contact person: gerard
Contact telephone number:0033-4726532.20
Contact Fax:0033-4726532.20
Zip code:
our compay is whosalers in France and Europe for solar panel, could you send us your details, with price, with catalogue. thanks
Company name:Ruro France Textiles
Company address:France
Theme:Solární panel
Contact person:dugland
Contact telephone number:420-608-181276
Contact Fax:420-608-181276
Zip code:
our company deliveres solar power station system for more than 5 years, we are looking for new suppliers of solar panel, and other related goods. please send us an offer of export price of all your products, and miminum quantity for each products. we promise the amount from 100 to 1000 piececs per each order, add FOB price. inform us please about your production capacity , possibility of products packing, you need to prepare your goods, and payment variants. thanks for your offer. Best Regards.
Company name: VWT Solar ltd
Company address:Czekh
Theme:Pannello solare
Contact person:Mr giorgio Russo
Contact telephone number:0039-06-92913115
Contact Fax:0039-06-92913115
Zip code:
Dear sir we have interested in follow C&f venice italy Polycrystalline photovolitaic modules 245w 5mw please send your best offer at best regards. Mr giorgio russo
Company name:Agricola massetana srl
Company address:italy
Theme:Polykristallines Solarmodul
Contact person:boris stevens
Contact telephone number:0041-796785972
Contact Fax:0041-796785972
Zip code:
hello i am interested in monocrystalline 12v 120watt solar panels, i am coming to shanghai, th the end of May, can you send me your contact telelphone numnber and address, i would like to visit your company, thankyou and regards, boris stevens
Company name: Yokohama
Company address:switzerlands
Theme:zonnepannel 250w
Contact person:Maurice
Contact telephone number:0031-499-476318
Contact Fax:0031-499-476318
Zip code:
can you please send me an offer for 200 pieces solar panel shipment to Netherlands. best regards
Company name: Blackbrid
Company address:Netherlands, rotteram
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